Dear Blog reader;

I have recently been approached to move my melanoma related blog to a new website, one that will allow me to be more flexible in what I post and to go beyond the (what already seems) old-fashioned DrEricWhitman wordpress site.

Clayton Surgical Services (CSS) has created a website entitled, I have agreed to serve as the site’s Senior Editor. I have completed the transition of my prior relevant and still timely posts over to I have also updated and revised several of the posts and pages to reflect changes in the clinical and research world of melanoma.

This blog will continue but will be much more focused on my clinical practice, including the other diseases I treat, including thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pancreatic surgical diseases.

Beginning with ASCO 2011, my blog updates will appear on I am also finishing up my next book, which looks actually like it will take the form of a series of patient-oriented “modules” about melanoma. These will be published in the near future by CSS as E-books, available online only. We are also working on newer projects like MelanomaTV (a YouTube channel in development by CSS), and other innovative projects enabled by the CSS platform.

Over the last year, almost 14,000 people visited this blog. I am humbled by their attention, yet inspired to create an even better and more informative experience. I hope you will continue to visit and learn, at!